Red Berry New England IPA

  • ABV: 6.1%   
  • IBU: 53   
  • SRM: 7



Raspberry and Strawberry are the main flavor attractions in this clear New England IPA.  Hibiscus and Kiwi are also present to support this juicy medley of flavors. A session IPA designed for those new to the style with a moderate hop presence.


Recipe Goals:  To create a New England IPA that is lower in hops presence and haze, but not overwhelming with flavorings. Something drinkable for new IPA consumers, but also appealing to hop-heads as well. To combine several red berries for a complex, deep and broad taste profile with a wheat malt base that takes the backseat to the berry in the aroma and finish.

Background:   A fruity, refreshing version of an American White IPA, but with darker color, less body, and featuring a medley of red berries and Kiwi. New England IPAs are generally hazy and fruity in a non-citrus sense. This is a White IPA, the perfect marriage of an IPA and a Witbier, balancing bready, lightly creamy wheat with a mild hop profile. This style features Mosaic and Huell Melon hops. The word Ripple refers to a favorite drink of Fred G. Sanford and a Grateful Dead song. With this beer we are truly scouting out new IPA drinkers by keeping the hop level in check but satisfying the hop heads with a solid fresh hop combination.


Tasting Notes:   The red berry aroma involves heavy doses of raspberry and strawberry with smaller additions of hibiscus and kiwi. This brings out moderate fruity esters that are fruitier and less citrusy. The hop aroma is moderately-low to medium with a stone fruit presence. Light clove-like phenolics may be present. Its appearance is not light colored and hazy like most NEIPAs and has a moderate dense head.

Moderate to large, dense white head that persists. It has a light malt flavor, bitterness is low to medium which leads to a moderately dry, refreshing finish. It has a medium-light body with medium to medium-high

Carbonation – to get this beer style’s full bouquet, you can also pour it into a tulip glass.


History:  American craft brewers developed the White IPA style as a late winter/spring seasonal beer to appeal to Wit and IPA drinkers alike. Its characteristic ingredients are Pale and wheat malts, Belgian yeast, and fruity American type hops.

Ingredients: Pale US 2-row foundation with White Wheat Malt, Oats, Honey Malt and Carafoam. Huell Melon and Mosaic hops provide both bittering and aroma. Munich Wheat and New England East Coast yeast allow the flavorings and hops to take center stage.

Food Pair:  This beer style pairs perfectly with soft, creamy, well-aged cheeses like Camembert or bloomy rind goat’s milk cheese (cheeses like Brie). And the beer’s bright flavor notes of dark berries add a tasty contrast to cheese’s creamy texture. Also, it goes go hand-in-hand with bold, island-like seafood dishes made with a spice or fruit component. Think blackened Ahi tuna steak with a passion fruit cream, macadamia nut-crusted Ono with Papaya Slaw, or even Ahi tuna tacos with mango salsa. This beer style also complements spicy and rich Mexican food, like green chicken enchiladas or Chorizo and Cheddar Potato Skins.

Vital Statistics:           BJCP Indian Pale Ale (21) Specialty IPA (21B)

For Style                      ABV: 5.5 – 7.0%           IBUs: 40 – 70               SRM: 5 – 8

Ripple                         ABV: 6.1%                    IBU: 53                         SRM: 7

ABV is Alcohol by Volume. Listed as a percentage volume. Average commercial beer ABV = 4.2%

IBU is International Bitterness Units. Measures bittering chemicals ranges from 0-120, but most beers are from 15-80.

SRM is Standard Reference Method. Measure of color. Scale of 0-40. From yellow, to amber/gold, to brown, to black.


Commercial Examples:    Kona, Blue Point White IPA, Deschutes, Chainbreaker IPA, Harpoon The Long Thaw, New Belgium, Accumulation Blue Moon® White IPA.

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